Communitywide EcoPass Feasibility Study
In summer of 2013 the city and county, working closely with RTD, embarked on a Communitywide EcoPass Feasibility Study to evaluate the costs and benefits of large-scale expansion of EcoPass programs. Six implementation scenarios were developed covering various geographic groups. For each scenario, the study estimated:

• Increased transit ridership
• Total program costs
• Community benefits
• Potential funding sources
• Implementation challenges

One of the most interesting findings is that a majority of the money needed to fund a communitywide EcoPass is already being paid to RTD in the form of farebox revenue. The study suggests that existing payments make up between 85 and 94 percent of the total costs of the program.

Current Communitywide EcoPass Status October 2014:
Boulder County is currently working on the next steps for the CommunityWide EcoPass that will help to provide the structure for how a communitywide EcoPass would work. For more information, please contact Boulder County Transportation, Jared Hall: