Q: Can I purchase the EcoPass for myself or family members?
A: The EcoPass can only be purchased by employers for their employees. Family members are not eligible. One option is the Neighborhood Eco (NECO) Pass an annual transit pass espeically for neighborhoods for all members of participating households.

Q: Can EcoPasses be purchased only for employees who ride the bus?
A: Your contract is based on the total number of employees on your payroll - not on the total number of employees who will use the EcoPass. A business can choose to either include or exclude all part-time employees.

Q: How do I get home in an emergency, if I get sick, or if I work late?
A: EcoPass holders are also eligible for the Guaranteed Home Program. This program enables EcoPass holders who use any form of alternative transportation in their commute to work to a free taxi-ride home in the event of an emergency or an unexpected event.

Q: How much money does EcoPass save compared to driving my car to work?
A: Below is an average cost per mile depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

Cost of Commuting

Small Car




Operating Cost
(in cents per mile)





Wear and tear depreciation
(in cents per mile)





Total Cost
(in cents per mile)





For a mid-size car, this means that for a 20 mile commute (10 miles in each direction to and from work), you are spending 30.5¢/mile x 20 miles = $6.10 daily, $6.10 x 5 days a week = $30.50 weekly or $30.50 x 4 weeks = $122 monthly.

These numbers only account for gasoline and wear and tear charges on a vehicle, with no mention of car insurance, car payments, road tolls and parking fees. Under these circumstances EcoPass is paying for itself in less than one month.

 Q: What if I terminate my employment?
A: Your EcoPass is only good as long as you are an employed by the employer who purchased the EcoPass. All passes must be returned to your employer upon termination, or employees/employers may be assessed a fee for non-return. EcoPasses will be deactivated for all terminated or seperated employees.

Q: What if I lose my pass?
A: If you have lost your EcoPass or it is stolen, please get another RTD EcoPass Authorization Form from your employer and bring the completed form in during the posted hours.  An EcoPass replacement fee of $10 is payable to RTD, which will deactivate your original Smart Card permanently. Payment for lost/stolen passes is made to RTD by check or money order only at the time you obtain your replacement photo ID. If the lost EcoPass is later found, it cannot be reactivated and RTD will not provide a refund. EcoPass cards determined by RTD to have been damaged by the holder will be charged the replacement fee.

Q: What is "pre-tax income"?
A: Pre-tax income is the employee's gross salary prior to calculating FICA and federal withholding taxes. Transit passes purchased by the employee with pre-tax income is deducted from their salary prior to payroll tax calculations. Pre-tax income applies only when the employee pays for all or a portion of a qualified transit benefit.

Q:What is a "tax-free fringe benefit"?
A: Employers are allowed to provide up to $130 per month as a tax-free transit fringe benefit to employees. A tax-free fringe benefit applies only when the employer pays all or a portion of a qualified transit benefit. Transit subsidies are business expenses for the employer, which are deductible for tax purposes. Any amount over the $130 per month per employee limit allowed by the IRS is considered taxable employee income. More information