The EcoPass is an annual RTD (Regional Transportation District) transit pass for unlimited regional, express, local bus and light rail service throughout the Denver and Boulder regions. The EcoPass is purchased by employers for full-time employees, with an option to include part-time employees. The EcoPass is valid every day of the year, through December 31 of the current calendar year.

EcoPass holders are 5-9 times more likely to ride transit than non-EcoPass holders.

• Any local, express or regional bus every day of the calendar year
• SkyRide bus to/from the Denver International Airport at no additional fee
• Boulder's Community Transit Network: HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT
• "N" bus route to Eldora Mountain Resort
• Light Rail
• call-n-Ride
Guaranteed Ride Home providing free taxi service in the event of an emergency or an unexpected change
in work schedule
EcoPass Extra providing discounts at participating merchants by showing your EcoPass